Ticia for Twins

Inspired by Life

Ticia Twins is the same Ticia designed for twins, from the very first age up to the teenagers time. The modular bed system offers also enough space and comfort for twins at the same time. Ticia Twins represents a space and expense saving wonder. It is the ideal solution if you are looking for a bed suitable for children offering high quality and multi-functionality. At the beginning the little ones could snuggle up together in the extra wide cradle (65x90 cm) or sleep left and right in their own cradle.

The cradle has two easily adjustable height options. In addition, the dresser can be a baby diapers change table offering comfortable “easy on the back” height, adequate storage space and extra quiet drawers.

The extra quiet drawers make it possible to change one baby without disturbing the other baby.

From the age of one and a half years, the twins will have enough space in two different cosy toddler beds (65x130cm)

From the three elements you can make one bed side table, open shelves and a desk for the first attempts at drawing. Insert other segments in the upper structure of the bed and create more storage space.

Time flies! If the twins still want to share the same room, a standard adult bunk bed (200x90 cm), can be made by the removal and reversing of the length parts. Furthermore, by using the length bars you can insert a flexible slatted frame, which can be adapted to meet the ergonomic needs of a teenager.

Consists of:

  • Ticia for One
  • + 2 multi-functional partitions L 66 cm
  • + 1 side guard



  • White
  • White + Light Pink Ral 3015
  • White + Pastel Blue Ral 5024
  • White + Platinum grey Ral 7036
  • White + Beige grey Ral 7006



structure solid birch / hollow spaces ply wood, solid birch or coated chipboard and pressed wood

Lack EN 71-3 EN 716-1

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